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If you are missing a tooth and need new teeth, you should definitely consider dental implants.


It is the diagnosis and prevention of conditions that affect the harmony of the teeth and jaw.


Laminate Veneer dental treatment is to give an aesthetic appearance to the patient’s smile.

Porcelain Crowns

It is among the preferred dental treatments in cases of missing teeth.


It is among the most preferred aesthetic dental treatment method by dentists.

Smile Design

Your self-confidence is directly linked to how you feel about your appearance.

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About Us

As Private Orident Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, our basic principles are to closely follow the constantly developing medical technologies and to implement the dental diagnosis and treatment methods of the future. Our specialist doctors and professional health staff, who have completed their education in the most distinguished medical faculties of Turkey, continue to add value to human health with our country-standard technological equipment. We continue to produce information and technology with the difference of being OriDent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, where information and technology are brought together for human health. Our ever-increasing success since the day we were founded and our perspective that puts human health above all add to our strength. Our polyclinic together with all its employees working under its roof, it carries quality to a healthier future and continues to work with the awareness of this sacred duty. Our goal is; To be a health institution that is referenced in the health sector with our general polyclinic services. Private Orident Oral and Dental Health

In order to provide better service to our patients in our polyclinic, we have started to serve with our distinguished physicians, specialists, assistants and friendly service understanding by keeping up with the latest technology and being open to new developments.

Why Us?

Human-Centered Approach

Accessibility, continuity and patient-oriented approach are the basis of a successful treatment process.

Specialist Team

Applications are planned at a professional level, with a scientific perspective.

Custom Design

With the blending of medicine, technology and art, our ideal is to restore your natural smile.


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